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Creative Mastery

With Samoa Blanchet


Latest Episode

In this episode, we go over the Creative Consciousness Map and its archetypes.

You'll learn about the different aspects of The Creatrix, their strengths, weaknesses, and limits so that you can create and express with more intention.

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   The Show

Creative Mastery with Samoa Blanchet caters to the Creative who wants to create something unique and distinct in the world.

It's for the Creative who is dedicated and committed to fully expressing everything they've come to this planet to express and who will not feel fulfilled until they do.

The Creative who wants nothing more than to bring all of their big ideas to life.

Unfortunately, there are so many roadblocks to FULLY expressing your creativity - from Creative Blocks to our own procrastination to doubts, fears, and shame - this podcast addresses all of this to guide you to Expressing your Full Cohesive Creativity at all time.





Executive Producer & Host


Samoa is the host, producer, and Creator of The Creatrix Method.

She came up with The Creative Consciousness map while being bored out of her mind creating a sales webinar. She then decided to implement the map with her clients and they created massive transformations in their work and their lives.

She has since implemented this with tons of clients and is now hell-bent on sharing her findings with the world.

When she's not working, she's either pole dancing, traveling, or ideating new ways to empower Creatives